Yacht Interior - thesis project

New interiorconcept for sailingyachts where the spacial experience in the cabin is highlighted. A design between the traditional og extreme.

The interior follows the organic shape of the hull in a continuous landscape, where the interior emphasize the lines and dimension of the hull. To ensure this no bulkheads divide the space.
All functionalities are hidden when not in use and the interior is designed to be used in different scenarios – daysailing, cruising and racing.

A 50ft racingyacht designed by Lars T. Olsen from CDE Danish Marine Design was used in my thesis project to concretize the interiorconcept.


The Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture 2008, Copenhagen.
‘Både i Bella’ 2008 (boatshow in Copenhagen), Denmark.

Politiken - February 2008. Børsen - February 2008. Baadmagasinet.dk - February 2008.
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Salon with justable table on mast. Salontable resizeable and will be restored under floor. Toilet section with handgrip in table edge. Stairways to cockpit. Galley section with handgrip in table edge. Navigator bunk. Navigator area with possibility for instruments on transparent wall under the stairway. Aft bunks divided by textile walls.